Lacey Nicefolk

Lacey is the ten year old twin sister of Casey. She lives on a farm with her brother, father and mother. The family live in a ranch house on their farm, called Nicefolk Landing, where they grow herbs and spices.
Lacey has golden brown hair and blue eyes, unlike her brother she loves school and enjoys doing her work.At home she likes making scrumptious recipies using herbs and spices from the farm, swimming in the river and waving at passengers on the nearby railroad with her brother Casey. Lacey also loves helping out at the farm and designs furniture for her father to make and sell.
Like her brother Lacey longs to get away from the farm for a little bit of adventure. In the adventures of Vin Fiz Lacey gets to do just that. Along with Casey and Floopy, the droopy eyed, long eared Basset Hound she gets to embark on some magical adventures aboard the Vin Fiz flyer.

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